Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meade 16-Inch LightBridge (f/4.5) Truss-Tube Dobsonian

This telescope is one of the most powerful telescope to buy
This telescope is a reflector telescope.
This telescope has a red dot finder scope.
The optical lens diameter is 406mm(16 inches).
The focal length is 1829mm(72 inches).
The eye piece is 26mm(one inch).
The field of view is 70"(seventy arc seconds(1.166 arc minutes(0.01944 degrees))).
     Our moon is 1800"(1800 arc seconds(30 arc minutes(0.5 degrees))) in diameter.
     Jupiter is 29.8"-50.1"(29.8-50.1 arc seconds(0.49-0.835 arc minutes)) in diameter.
     Saturn is 14.5"-20.1"(14.5-20.1 arc seconds(0.24-0.335 arc minutes)) in diameter.
The resolution is 0.38 arc seconds.
The highest magnification 800X.
The Total weight of the telescope is 128 lbs.